Joe Jr. Wins the Longest Gamblers Race Ever…..

When someone enters a gamblers race on a Wednesday they would expect to know the outcome before Sunday! Due to horrible weather on Wednesday of the Halloween Classic at Summit Motorsports Park, they decided to run the Wednesday Race on Thursday. Now if you have been to the Halloween Classic you are aware there are a TON of cars on the property! Needless to say they only got 1 round of the Wednesday race done on Thursday. Do we split the money up and call it good? Hell no, the awesome staff at Norwalk said we will finish it on Friday! After more than a few delays due to car breakage they were only able to get 1 more round of the Wednesday race done on Friday. At this point the Bader family decided come hell or high water this race was getting completed. After running 1st round of the Main Event on Saturday there wasn’t even any time to run a round of the Wednesday Gamblers Race on Saturday, so why not finish it on Sunday! When it was all said and done Joe Jr. was able to grab the win on Sunday…. For the Wednesday Gamblers Race. Does anyone have the number for the Guinness Book of World Records??

By Joe Soucek Jr.

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